Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Party Time!

February 8, 2009

The day I have been dreading is here: AC's second birthday party. I avoid taking AC out in public at all costs. Our public outings always end up disasterous: she throws things. She screams. The floor is covered with whatever peace offering I have provided, be it animal crackers or M&Ms. I am sweat covered, frustrated and exhausted. We spend a lot of time at home.

As we have no toddler or child friends, I decide to go easy on myself this year and not host a large party for a toddler who won't remember it, like we did last year. So, I invited our closest family to join us at the local neighborhood bar and grill, where we had dinner. AC arrived dressed adorably: her cupcake sweater with matching sparkly pink tutu. She was the star of the show, particularly when she wrangled her way out of her booster seat and cruised the restaurant, attempting to poke her fingers in the meals of other diners. Mercifully, our server was a girl that we know from "school", and I have spoken of AC's behavioral challenges in our parenting meetings, so knows what to expect. When Aidyn's meal arrives, she eats two fries and throws the remainder of her meal on the floor. With this, she demanded to be released from her seat and when AC is done, everyone is done. I quickly paid the check, left a 30 percent tip and raced her home before more damage could be done.

Upon arrival at home, I had balloons, gifts and cake waking for AC, with her grandparents invited to join the celebration. I think that if you could ask AC her favorite part of her birthday, it would be the fulfillment of her two requests: "boons" and "sprinkles". I could've saved a lot of money on gifts, providing her only with her balloons and her sprinkle cake. Needless to say, this did not happen, and AC was overwhelmed with the amount of gifts she received. Given the tininess of our home, I briefly considered throwing all her old toys in the trash and starting fresh. I doubt anyone besides the garbage man would even notice.

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